Aristocrat Gaming History

Aristocrat pokies are a name heard throughout the gambling community. They have a strong presence with their focus on quality games and full service gaming solutions, and over 60 years experience. With locations around the world and over 2,200 employees, they are able to deliver some of the most comprehensive and innovative gambling games.

Their main headquarters are based in Australia; NSW to be exact. They do have locations throughout the world, with a focus in the South Pacific and Asian markets. Although they are prevalent in these markets, they also focus on the American and European markets.

Live casino

They get their roots with in the live casino realm. Their creative and 1 of a kind of pokies have made them one of the more popular game makers that casinos flock to on a regular basis. Their award winning cabinet systems include the Verve – HD system that was named one of 2009s most innovative products by the Casino journal Magazine. These pokies feature high definition graphics and some of most amazing game play you will find on the planet.

The MVP cabinets are by far the most unique and interesting pieces of gaming technology, hands down. The MVP pokie is much like an arcade game with its built in seats and powerful floor presence. The sounds, graphics and even the display are something to be seen in person. You won’t miss these as you walk across the casino floor. They are designed to stand out from the crowd and that they do.

Management Systems

Aristocrat not only provides pokies, they also develop and maintain complete management systems for casinos. Oasis 360 is the name and its one of the best solutions for casino providers there is. It features tools to analyze player habits, monitor promotions and so much more. Oasis 360 was voted most used management system for casinos in 2013 by Goldman Sachs slot magazine.

Online Presence

Aristocrat gets its reputation from being one of the best live casino software and game makers. But, they have now begun to produce the same quality games and system management solutions for online operators. The nLive system for online casinos is a one stop software system for all things gaming. It gives anyone the opportunity to serve a full suite of games to their customers. From poker to pokies, nLive and Aristocrat does it all.

While players in New Zealand are able to play online, these games are currently blocked from Australian online players.


Aristocrat focuses heavily on pokies. Their library of pokies includes some of the biggest hits both online and live. Many of the themes get their influences from Asian traditions. You will find many of the Lucky numbers and superstitious habits that are prominent in this culture appear on Aristocrat pokies. But, they also like to use some more pop culture themed games as well. The Superman and Lex Luthor pokies are an example of how well versed and rounded Aristocrat pokies are.

TV Gaming

Aristocrat has also starting offering their “Game On TV” service. From here, you can enjoy and play many of Aristocrat games right from your television sets wherever available. You can play pokies and other classic gambling games on your couch while you sit in your pajamas. This is what sets them apart from other software providers in the gaming market.

It’s easy to see why Aristocrat is regularly called upon to provide games for casinos around the globe. They have everything needed to run and maintain a top notch casino online or live. With numerous awards and a regular presence at all of the major gaming conventions, Aristocrat is always looking for ways to expand their empire.